Re: USRA steel side box car rebuild

Larry Sexton


In the October 2015 article (email) on the upcoming Milwaukee RR ribside boxcars you stated "Well, I had completely finished no. 1 before discovering a rather amazing error in the model I had built. It turned out to be a good error as it will let me highlight an interesting modeling obstacle as well as provide some insightful prototype information about the L&N’s ARA single sheathed box cars that to date has been missed by most (if not all ) of us. I’ll have this one completed and posted soon. Stay tuned!"

Where is that discussion published? I'd like to acquire a copy.

Larry Sexton
---- "Ted Culotta [STMFC]" <> wrote:

From the shameless plug category, here is the radial roof rebuild, along
with the correct Youngstown door with early Camel Roller Lift fixtures (not
offered by Tichy):

Speedwitch Georgia USRA rebuild kit

Ted Culotta
Speedwitch Media -

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