Re: HO 20 car freight car train


Nah  18 X29, X29B, X29D  one NYC signature car and one B&O M15

Rich Orr 
Tongue firmly in cheek

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Twenty PFE ice reefers, of course. Sheesh. They went everywhere.


Tim O'Connor

Suppose someone were to ask you for help in selecting 20 available models in HO to do a string of 20 cars for a 1955 generic location in North America with state-of-the-art accuracy important (NO Tyco). With influencing constraints of Gilbert/Nelson combined with what is best in HO freight cars, what 20 models would you suggest for this hypothetical assemblage? Resin, Kitbashed or RTR.

Andy Carlson, with too much time this morning in Ojai, CA

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