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Ian Cranstone

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Well, here's a stab at the 20 cars (in no particular order):

  1. PRR X29 (Red Caboose)
  2. PRR G31 gondola (Tangent)
  3. NYC 'USRA' steel 40' boxcar (Westerfield)
  4. CB&Q 40' postwar boxcar (IMR)
  5. B&O Wagontop (Exactrail or Fox)
  6. PFE 40' reefer (Red Caboose or IMR)
  7. SP 53' flat w/ lbr load (RC/SP Soc + Owl Mtn)
  8. UP 40' boxcar (sorry, I like the Trix despite it's problems)
  9. SOU 40' AAR boxcar (RC or IMR)
  10. ATSF 40' 1937 boxcar (RC)
  11. UTLX ICC 105 tank car (Atlas or Kadee)
  12. SHPX 10k Type 27 tank car
  13. GATX 6k 3-dome tank car (Tangent)
  14. FGCX 50' mech reefer - the very early style (RC?)
  15. RI 40' PS-1 "100 Years" (Kadee)
  16. B&O offset side twin hopper (Kadee?)
  17. GARX 37' meat reefer - pick a lessee (Rapido)
  18. SFRD 40' reefer (IMR)
  19. B&M 40' 1937 AAR boxcar (RC)
  20. PRR X31 or X32 round roof auto bx (Bowser)

Now the wrangling about druthers can begin!

I like Todd's list except for number 13... although the Tangent GATC 3-dome tank is an exquisite model, 3-compartment tank cars in 1955 comprised just under 2% of the total tank car fleet (other multi-compartment tank cars were even rarer).  I'd substitute their recent GATC Type 17 car instead as they were far more common.

Ian Cranstone
Osgoode, Ontario, Canada

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