Re: HO 20 car freight car train

Todd Sullivan

I can't reply to two messages at once, but this is intended as a response to Bill's (below) and Garth's comments. 

Regarding my selection of cars, it was based on a fairly wide geographic acquaintance with various railroads.  I grew up in New England and watched trains there from an early age, moved to Portland OR at age 16 and worked as a railway yard clerk there later, moved to Syracuse, then San Antonio, then the Hudson Valley, Southern Tier of NY and back to Syracuse.  I've modeled the PRR in eastern PA as well as various RRs in the PacNW, and have books on railroads in all these regions.  Garth is correct about regional concentrations of cars, but I am always amazed at the variety of railroads represented in photos taken all over the country, and I often wonder, "What was THAT car carrying and how the heck did it wind up here?"

On GS gons, I have seen photos of Illinois Central GS gons on PRR coal branches in PA and on PacNW railroads, so if one were to be included, I'd vote for that.  Otherwise, they were pretty scarce in the East.

This is fun - thanks, Andy!


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