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The Fruit Growers 50 mechanical reefer is available from Wright Trak

I am not affiliated with nor a dealer for Wright Trak.

Rich Orr

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You are partly correct - someone MADE (not MAKES) a 50 foot RP, the Pacific HO
model that you mentioned. And you're correct, Wright Trak made EXACTLY THE SAME
car, but with a fancier and more accurate underframe, improved roof and ends, and
other details as you said. But I'm not sure Wright Trak is still in production.
In any case, it's not a newbie kit.

FGE had around 700 cars (multiple orders), WFE (200 in 4 orders), BRE (less than
50 cars I think) all had them, or something closely resembling them. A high-fidelity
RTR model probably would be as good a choice as any other. The cars built by FGE
were the most numerous 50 foot RP prototype before 1960.

The main FGEX series was 1000-1600, 600 cars in 1959. These cars all appear to be
identical. FGE also had more than 100 cars scattered in 1-999 series.

The Pacific HO kit was notable for its inclusion of a detail no one else has ever
done (well?) in an HO kit - a cast metal Royal F slack adjuster.

I would be very interested in a Santa Fe prototype. Some of the Santa Fe cars had
54 foot bodies, e.g. 500 Rr-69's built by General American. Too modern for STMFC :-(

Tim O'

Hello Group!

Tim O'Connor recently stated ".....and NO ONE MAKES an accurate 50 foot mechanical reefer
in HO scale, for the 1950's or any other time period."

This seems to me incorrect.  I immediately thought of two examples.  After the KurtzKraft PS-1 and 40 foot reefer 'flat kits' came something in the mid-1960s from Pacific HO of Pomona, Calif.  It was another flat kit labeled 50' Mechanical Reefer.  While sold for, I think four different road names, at least one was correct (again, I think) for the FGEX 1300 series.  Other than better running boards, ladders, hand holds, and some of the details we can add, this kit would live up to most current rivet counting expectations.

Even if the above is unacceptable, WrightTrak produced the same FGEX/Western Fruit kit in very crisp resin and etchings.  It seems a lovely job we should be happy to have and build.

This prototype perhaps came later than the 1955 hypothetical 20 car train but the prototype was certainly with us before January 1, 1961.  The kits are still with us if you look for them.

Regards from Grove City in Western Penna.----Mike Schleigh

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