Re: ATSF Bx-37 (was Re: HO 20 car freight car train)

Tim O'Connor


I have never understood why ATSF listed them as 10'4" IH. Thick floor
boards, perhaps? Lower ceiling? They are listed with the same height to
the top of the running board (14'11") as C&NW box cars with 5/5 ends,
and the C&NW cars were all listed as 10'6" IH.

Tim O'Connor

A day late and a dollar short, I'm surprised that no one else has challenged #10.  I concur with the choice of an ATSF steel box as they were highly visible and numerous.  And the choice of the Red Caboose 37 AAR is a great model.  BUT, it isn't correct for a Santa Fe 37 AAR box out of the box!  The 10' IH Bx-27 had a Duryea underframe, the visible indicators were the extended coupler pockets and a different sill tab configuration.  The most numerous Santa Fe 37 AARs were the 5010 10'4 IH Bx-37s with the Intermountain RTR available in what in 55 should be very weathered map schemes and fresher ship & travel schemes.  Yes, the roof is not as good as the RC, but the side sill profile, height and couplers are a better match out of the box.  Not that I won't have a number of RC Bx-27s on my own Santa Fe layout, but I plan to upgrade them with a minimum of the extended coupler pockets if I don't do the full Duryea underframes.
John Barry
  1. PRR X29 (Red Caboose)
  2. PRR G31 gondola (Tangent)
  3. NYC 'USRA' steel 40' boxcar (Westerfield)
  4. CB&Q 40' postwar boxcar (IMR)
  5. B&O Wagontop (Exactrail or Fox)
  6. PFE 40' reefer (Red Caboose or IMR)
  7. SP 53' flat w/ lbr load (RC/SP Soc + Owl Mtn)
  8. UP 40' boxcar (sorry, I like the Trix despite it's problems)
  9. SOU 40' AAR boxcar (RC or IMR)
  10. ATSF 40' 1937 boxcar (RC)
  11. UTLX ICC 105 tank car (Atlas or Kadee)
  12. SHPX 10k Type 27 tank car
  13. GATX 6k 3-dome tank car (Tangent)
  14. FGCX 50' mech reefer - the very early style (RC?)
  15. RI 40' PS-1 "100 Years" (Kadee)
  16. B&O offset side twin hopper (Kadee?)
  17. GARX 37' meat reefer - pick a lessee (Rapido)
  18. SFRD 40' reefer (IMR)
  19. B&M 40' 1937 AAR boxcar (RC)
  20. PRR X31 or X32 round roof auto bx (Bowser)
Now the wrangling about druthers can begin!

Todd Sullivan

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