Re: CB&Q Class FM-13 flat car questions

Rob Adams


You and I are on the same page here. The frame that the grabs mount on
are an interesting variation, and appear to be easily modeled. The
Andrews trucks are also of interest. Thus far, my queries have yet to
turn up any additional information, but I intend to dog this one. The
answers have to be out there. Modeling the CB&Q in the 1934-40 period,
these squeak in under my cut off.

So...fellow steam-era modelers...Does anyone have info or photos of the
CB&Q 89900-89999 series FM-13 53'6" flats built 2/39 at Galesburg?

Rob Adams

Scott Pitzer wrote:

I was a little bit interested in this project at one time but it
looked like too much trouble. Note that the FM-13 prototype photo and
diagram agree that the grabs aren't like most flat cars but are like
little sections of ladder. And in the shadows of the prototype
picture, there seem to be bumps or fins halfway between the pockets
(support for the overhang of the deck.) But apparently not quite like
the AAR flats.
Yes, it seems like the P2K would be a good starting point if you can
find answers to your other questions.

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