Re: Westerfield 2400/7400 Hopper Construction


Drew – I’ve built dozens of them, mostly flat kits.  In fact, the unibody kits used masters from the flat kits.  So just look at the unibody to determine how the flat castings were assembled.  You shouldn’t have any trouble.  If you need assembly photos, contact me directly. – Al Westerfield  westerfieldalfred@...

From: Drew phillydrewcifer@... [STMFC]
Sent: Sunday, July 30, 2017 1:33 AM
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Subject: [STMFC] Westerfield 2400/7400 Hopper Construction

   I asked Andrew Dahm at Westerfield for his experiences and he suggested I ask the groups.
Background: I have numerous Westerfield 2400 and 7400 series hoppers as I model an anthracite road. Some of the kits I have are older, flat kits while a few, maybe a dozen, are the newer unibody style.
Question: Regardless of the need for adding channels to the sides and ends for safety appliances, has anyone assembled the sides and ends of a flat kit to match the unibody and then followed the instructions of the unibody kit to complete the car? Is it practical?
Drew Marhsall
Philadelphia, PA

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