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D&H 13789 comes from series 13700-13889, GB 52' 6" drop-end, welded gondolas with wooden floors. These cars were built by Pullman-Standard in 1951. Their history is covered in RPC 19, and there is a photo of this class on page 109.

My 1958 ORER doesn't list the MILW or WM cars, at least by those numbers.

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I’ve been transcribing some early 1950s pocket notebooks from the Superintendent of MoW on the Maryland & Pennsylvania RR. There are frequent notes of freight cars as MoW materials came in, or in rare cases things were shipped out by the MoW crew. I’ve been trying to collect info about the specifics of the cars listed. Most of them I was able to find in my 1950 ORER, rosters, equipment diagram books, or other literature, but I still have a few cars I would appreciate help identifying. Does anyone have info on the following cars they’d be willing to share?

Car Place Date Load
ATSF 169555 Red Lion, PA 1952 Bridge Timbers, 5
MILW 791153 Red Lion, PA 1952/3? Wire, GE Versatol-Geoprene
WM 59792 ? 1953 Ties, 282
DH 13789 Bruce, PA 09-01-1953 Ties, 342

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