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I can't say that the list would be 100% accurate/inclusive, but the only reporting marks containing -SEX I could find online are:

A: ASEX Armour Stock Express (Armour Car Lines) 7/1932-7/1935 unlikely to be hoppers

D: DSEX East Carbon Development Co. (out of time frame/added 10/2006)

M: MSEX Muessel Brewing Co. (Merchants Despatch, Inc). 7/1935 or
MSEX Mountain States Energy Corp. (out of time frame/added 7/1986/eliminated 10/1987)

P: PSEX Public Service Electric & Gas Co. 7/1930-1/1941

R: RSEX Riverside Chemical Co. (out of time frame/added 1/1975 eliminated 4/1978)

U: USEX United States Railway Equipment Co. (out of time frame/added 4/1955 10/1957-1/1975 eliminated 7/1979)

The above came from Ian Cranstone's website. The page at the below link says the list is incomplete, but it includes ORER info from 8/1920, 7/1923, 7/1930, 7/1932, 7/1935, 7/1937, 4/1938, 1/1941 and newer which is well after the timeframe in question. Link to that copy is

Also looks to be 3 or 4 tracks crossing 4 tracks at a 90 degree angle on similar style bridges. I know the configuration of Secaucus Junction today is 4 over 4 at right angles, with the former Erie line under, and the NEC above. Been a few months since I've been through there, but I think the upper tracks cross on through girder bridges similar to those in the picture that are mostly hidden by the platforms. That said, I have doubts that make me want to think this would not be the location.

Tim Barney

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I was wondering that too. Given the reporting marks "-SEX", there are only 26 possibilities for what the dash can stand for!

Claus Schlund

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Any guesses about the owner of the string of hoppers behind the PRR ones? To my eyes the reporting marks end in "-SEX". They are
obviously taller than the GLa.

Bob Witt

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