Re: a rarety to see an image of a BA&P boxcar!

Douglas Harding

John W Barriger III began working for the Pennsy in the 20’s. And while many photos date from his time working for the US Government in the 30s & 40s, his collection contains images and documents going back to the very first years of railroads. According to the website

“The photographic holdings include some 50,000 images dating 1917 to 1970 for over 200 North American railroads. Included are views of the railroad fixed plant - track and right-of-way, junctions, yards, shops and service facilities, depots and structures.”

Do not assume a photo dates from the 30s or 40s if it is the Barriger Collection


Doug  Harding


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I am a little puzzled by the timeline. The lettering on BA&P box car looks original "as built" and it still has pressed steel trucks. Is date ~1933, but the box car was no longer in interchange service or was the photo from some other earlier project and ended up at the Barriger?

Yes, one of the comments with the photo, states this is Rocker, MT and states the photo also shows the BA&P tie plant and yard on the left after flipping the photo.

Bob Witt

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