Re: a nice yard scene with several identifiable cars

James McDonald

Hi Richard,

I wondered if it could be RF&P too. The logo is about the right shape and position, and it’s possible that the lettering to the right side of the door says “RICHMOND” (though it’s hard to tell, honestly).

The car appears to be double sheathed. Contenders would then be the RFP 301-979 series 37’ box built in 1906 by the railroad’s shops with wooden frame, truss rods, metal draft arms, Hutchins inside metal roof, and Wagner doors* (58 in service in 1930), or the RFP 2001-2200 series 38’ boxcar built in 1907 by Western Steel Car & Foundry with steel fish belly under frame, Hutchins inside metal roof, and Wagner doors (166 in service in 1930). Both series had 5’6” door openings. The other double sheathed cars on the RF&P roster were 1911 Standard Steel Car automobile cars with double Wagner doors and a pronounced fascia that the other double sheathed cars did not have. I do not believe that the photo shows one of the automobile cars. If any RF&P car, I’d suspect it’s one of the 2001 series. By 1929/30 many of the RFP 301 series were on their way out and/or being converted into cabooses.

What puzzles me a bit is that the car ends are clearly steel, and all indications I’ve yet seen by reviewing RF&P records and photos show all of the RF&P’s double sheathed cars to have wood-sheathed ends. This would be the first retrofit I’ve encountered, if this is really an RF&P car.

All the best,

James McDonald
Greenbelt, MD

* At least one car from this series made it into MoW service and was photographed with its Wagner doors replaced with top hung sliding doors, though it is unclear when and how many cars were so treated.

2d. Re: a nice yard scene with several identifiable cars
Posted by: "Richard Townsend" richtownsend2002
Date: Fri Aug 4, 2017 7:48 pm ((PDT))

Two rows back from the Winston-Salem car, second from the left, is that an RF&P car? Or maybe BAR?

Richard Townsend
Lincoln City, OR

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