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Schuyler Larrabee

Nelson, that’s a little uncalled for. For all you know, Mark’s 55 years old and only recently into the hobby. I have fellow club members of that or older age, who only recently have discovered that there are more than two kinds of trucks Bettendorf and arch bar. We all start learning at different ages. Cut the man a little slack would you?


Mark, you must be a millennial, because you’re seeking instant gratification without any personal effort. You don’t even recognize the assistance you’ve been given by several members of this group! Good luck in your modeling efforts.

Nelson Moyer

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Understood Nelson, I'll use them as I please on private road cars, my google search didn't yield the results I was looking for I had hoped to find some assistance here but such is life.

Signed- Mark L. Drake Still in Florida USA

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Mark, there is no easy alternative to doing your own research. For example, the CB&Q used different trucks on different lots of the same class of boxcars and gondolas, and yes, they used National on some cars. CB&Q XA-15A, XM-31, and XM-32 had National on some lots, but you need the lot number and/or know the road numbers in those lots to know which ones got National. Same with CB&Q GS-5 and GS-8 gondolas. Same with power hand brake hardware where the same lot could have three different power hand brakes. Model from photographs, if your prototype reference library is limited. Find photos of a couple of cars you like with whatever trucks you’re trying to use, get those cars, and install your trucks if they didn’t come with the right ones. There is no ‘special purpose’ for the trucks you list. They were used on a variety of cars, or not. You can’t generalize.

Nelson Moyer

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