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I'm going to agree with Bill on the gray. Looking through Jim Eager's RIO GRANDE COLOR GUIDE TO FREIGHT AND PASSENGER EQUIPMENT, I see several cars which were painted in gray. The gray is not always consistent either, varying in shades, even taking into account weathering and grime. There are silver/aluminum cars too, but I suspect this came either very late in our period of interest, or even later. There is also one single-sheathed boxcar shown in FCR photographed in 1977.

I know we're not narrow gaugers here, but the colors used on narrow gauge equipment are well documented. Most narrow gauge MOW cars were gray right up to the end. I don't think any (or many) narrow gauge cars ever received silver paint. There are lots of color slides that prove this. One would expect that the standard gauge equipment followed a similar color scheme.

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No, not changing roads here, but a friend�s asked me to paint a car for Rio Grande MOW.� He says that the equipment was painted silver, and he�s got direct memories of seeing this equipment before the cutoff of this list, so I have to put at least some credence into what he�s telling me.


But the photos I�ve seen suggest that the silver involved wouldn�t be the bright silver that, for instance, ATSF used on the PA trucks, nor the Burlington used on the painted parts of their Es.� It appears to me to be a more grayed-down silver-ish color.� There must be some folks here who can advise me on this, perhaps off line . . . or not.� MOW is freight, after all, according to list rules as I understand them.



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