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Bruce Smith


You need to lighten up man!  Right after my "condescending sarcasm" which I prefer to think of as "snarky", not condescending ;) I tried to make it clear that a) your question was not clear and b) that these were basic 50 ton freight car trucks.  I'm puzzled why you would think truck use would be car type specific, as opposed to car specific, but your comment below and to others clarifies your question to some degree.  What I think you are asking is "what cars can I put on top of these trucks?" Part of the problem with your question is that thousands of cars, of very specific prototypes, used these trucks so that really opens a pandora's box without knowing more specifics of your modeling location and era.  On this list, we don't speak of freelancing.... ;)

We could now bog the list down with list of cars that did use these trucks.  A little help from you would really go a long way. I'll be perfectly honest and say that most of us buy trucks based on the cars we buy, not vice versa, although I'll also admit to having a stock of these and many other truck types including the really excellent trucks by Tahoe Model Works, because my backlog of kits justifies having a stock to select the correct truck from instead of having to wait for an order to come in to build a specific car.

For example, let's say you are thinking about a PRR model.  The first place I would go is

From that page, I would select

On that document, I see that the 2D-F20 truck is noted as being a National Truck.  Further curious, I would click on the link

and see that yes, this is the distinctive National B1.  Apparently, the PRR was not that impressed with this truck design because looking at the previous document, you will see that out of the hundreds of thousands of cars the the PRR owned, the B1 was only used under the X37, X37A and X37B classes of boxcar.

A quick check of the inter webs with a Google search for "HO Scale X37" gets you to the F&C web page where they show the X37 and X37A in their new products section (the X37B is coming soon, we hope!). 

PERFECT, you now have a car to put on those trucks... that is if you build resin kits, model a period and location appropriate for an X37 or X37A and you want a PRR boxcar.

You can do the same for the spring plank-less truck.


Bruce Smith

Auburn, AL

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Bruce, what I'm asking is were B-1 type trucks or the plank less type used on all types of rolling stock, always on stock cars by certain roads, only on box cars, never on tank cars or a caboose...please, I'd like a real answer without condescending sarcasm.

Signed- Mark L. Drake Florida USA

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