ADMIN: Responding to Questions



I think it's time to remind the members about the group rules and philosophy
regarding responses to questions. Note the following rules:

"It should be noted that discussions by the group's members includes
questions and answers regarding the group's subject. However, it should also
be noted that the group is not to be considered necessarily as a library
with its members prepared to respond to questions or acting as sources for
information. Such responses are entirely voluntary and at no time is any
group member obligated to respond to a request for information.

In fact, the group is not a good vehicle to transmit large amounts of
information. The group is a good vehicle, however, to provide guidance as to
where a member might find information".

I'll add the following. If a member believes that a question could easily be
found by an asking member, the other members need not reply. However, if
they do choose to respond, they should do it in a positive manner. I will
also note that complaints by a member that the group's members don't respond
adequately, are out of scope.

Mike Brock

STMFC Bossman

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