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John Barry

Santa Fe was a large user, but it wasn't universal among during the period that they were purchased.  National B-1s were purchased with many orders of refrigerator, gondola and box cars.  But, other brands of trucks were used at the same time, sometimes even within orders for cars of the same class.  For instance, the Bx-37, Santa Fe's most numerous 40' steel box car, had 2500 of 5010 cars equipped with B-1s, but the same class also had 2110 ASF spring-plankless and 400 Barber S-2 equipped cars.
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Bruce, what I'm asking is were B-1 type trucks or the plank less type used on all types of rolling stock, always on stock cars by certain roads, only on box cars, never on tank cars or a caboose...please, I'd like a real answer without condescending sarcasm.

I can only speak off the top of my head for Canadian National, which used them on various lots of 40' boxcars, 48' gondolas, and 52' flats on various times in both 50-ton and 70-ton versions.  I don't recall if they were used by more than one builder -- certainly Canadian Car & Foundry utilized them on some lots.  Stafford Swain authored an article on CN's 40 foot cars (August 1994 RMC if I recall correctly), that offered detailed listings on the ends, roofs, brake wheels, doors and trucks applied to each of the lots over the years.

In later years, these trucks fell out of favour at CN, I believe because of concerns about difficulties in replacing damaged parts and seem to have been randomly replaced -- one group of gondola equipment diagrams clearly specified the removal of National B-1 trucks sometime during the 1960s for some reason.  That being said, many of these cars kept National B-1 trucks until the end.

I seem to recall seeing at least one photo of these trucks utilized under a Canadian tank car, but they certainly were not common.

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