Re: Railroad Action - Portland, OR

Todd Sullivan

Hi bob,

That's on the SP main in East Portland going south to Brooklyn Yard and on toward SF.  The first eleven cars are all (except for the flat car) converted SP A-50-5 or -6 auto boxcars now used for wood chips ('hog fuel').  The string of cars next to the Safeway Produce Terminal are

GN 40' USRA clone DS boxcar
NKP 40' PS-1
CB&Q 50' single door boxcar - might be a load of merchandise
???? 50' flat with lumber load
B&O 50' AAR single door boxcar
2 40' cars I can't ID
SOU 50' AAR DD steel boxcar (auto/furniture)
another 40' boxcar I can't ID
SP 50' DD steel boxcar
3 other cars that are too blurry to figure out

There appear to be a WFEX and a PFE reefer at the Produce Terminal's dock.

BTW, he SP boxcar on the lumber dock spur at the lower left dates the photo to 1950 or 1952, I forget which.  You can figure the year out by using Tony Thompson's article in RMC on SP's 40' boxcar prototypes and the features (roof, ends, lettering, etc.) of that boxcar.

Todd Sullivan
(modeling East Portland in Jamesville, NY)

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