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James McDonald

Hello Brad,

Ben is correct. The circle star herald with the “The Famous Ma and Pa” cartouche did not make it onto boxcars until well after the time of this list. In the steam era MPA 1155, along with the rest of the MPA’s boxcars, would have been painted mineral brown with white lettering. There is no evidence I’ve encountered in studying the records that the MPA’s wooden boxcars ever carried the circle logo. That logo was first used on a bridge and later applied to caboose #2002 and the company’s diesel locomotives. Its use on boxcars began only in the 40’ steel boxcar rebuilding program that started in 1972. The MPA’s yellow boxcar lettering is also a post-1972 phenomenon.

It may or may not be relevant for your modeling purposes, but between 1939 and 1971 the M&P did not interchange its boxcars with other railroads.

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James McDonald
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6. Re: MA & PA SS boxcar
Posted by: "Benjamin Hom" benjaminfrank_hom
Date: Thu Aug 10, 2017 6:48 am ((PDT))

Brad Andonian asked:
"I am seeking an image of these cars. They are ex-MILW and I wish to confirm the herald and lettering is yellow.
The link below is obviously not the car, but may have the correct herald.
One car, M&PA 1155 (ex-MILW 710444), in service on the Ma & Pa in August 1944. Later converted to idler car X2 (3rd) in October 1970. I suspect this car was wrecked on the Ma & Pa and placed in revenue service after it was paid off.
I really doubt this car received the herald in the example, as it was applied to steel boxcars after this car was rebuilt into X2.

Ben Hom

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