Re: Santa Fe RR-44 reefrigerator

charles slater

This is not much help, but these cars were hard to find.

Charlie Slater

Bakersfield, Ca.

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I have the Sunshine Models, kit 94.1, Santa Fe Refrigerator RR-44 I am beginning to build. The kit instructions do not have a view of either end. Instructions show Side view only as does Ted Culotta in Steam Era Freight Cars Reference Manual, Vol. 3 Refrigerator Cars, p. 119. However, Ted in the book does have end view of the "B" end for SFRD number 9369 a RR-43 on page 113. I am wondering if the "B" end on the RR-44 would have a similar placement of the retainer valve and line. Thank You in advance for your assistance.

Lester Breuer


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