DL&W Post WWII Steel Boxcar, a pretty easy kit-bash

Bill Welch

I been following Ted Culotta's Kit-Bash presentations online and have been inspired by them. I am also exploring various possibilities for my small stash of "Southwest Scale Production" doors (http://southwestscale.com/Freight-Car-Details_c3.htm) and therefore I suggest what I think is a straight forward kit-bash with a minimum of square cuts—always a challenge for me—to model a post WWII 10-ft IH DL&W steel boxcar w/a diagonal panel roof and Improved Dreadnaught ends.

Components needed are: an InterMountain 10-ft high ten panel 1937 boxcar kit; an InterMountain or Branchline diagonal panel roof; Southwest Scale Production 4/6/6 Youngstown doors and Accurail Steel Reefer ends. Not pictured are the necessary 8-rung ladders also from InterMountain

Here is a link showing photos of the IM body w/roof and doors and the Accurail end cut and spliced to create the correct Improved Dreadnaught end with asymmetrical to rib (https://www.dropbox.com/sh/jui858cxa67acbz/AADC9bUQ0Wob6wjdJT-u7U3La?dl=0). This spliced end is not perfect on three counts:

1.) there are scars from removing the ladder but these will largely be covered by new ladders. 

2.) the end is slightly too wide—I plan to compensate for this with flanges on each end panel made from 0.005 styrene sheet that will have Archer Rivet decals applied.

3.) there should be more flat space under the bottom rib and at the top of the part as well.

This modified end will be copied in resin to make two ends. Mods to the body already made are the mounting tabs for the ladders and sill steps. I also plan to modify the small intermediate tabs where the cross ties connect. I am planning to use Yarmouth Sill Steps, and Kadee Bracket grabs. I will replace the ladder rungs w/.010 styrene rod. Speedwitch says they are planning to decals.

These post war 10-foot high cars are covered in one of the RP CYC's with detail info like running board, trucks, and brake gear.

Bill Welch

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