Re: Cambria & Indiana 2423 twin hopper in a wreck

Rich Yoder

It is an interesting article written by the late Bob Karig. Did he ever write the book that was referenced on the NYO&W?

Rich Yoder

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David and Tony, these taller GLa clones are new to me.

I recently found an web article by the late Bob Karig describing taller GLa clones on the O&W. For a picture caption he stated  "The Pressed Steel Car Company introduced this oversized Gla in 1920.  It was eleven inches taller than a standard Gla, and it had a capacity of 1960 cubic feet versus the standard Gla's 1683 cubic feet. "

The web article is at:

Were there other railroads that had similar cars? I recall a long time ago that, David, you did a GLa roster. I'll have to find it in my saved files and review it.


Bob Witt

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