Proof at last


Warning, Warning, Warning.

To those who claim an N&W hopper did NOT cross Sherman Hill during the
period 1900-1960, prepare yourself for a shock.

The current issue of the UPHS, The Streamliner, includes the consist of
train 1UTX22, running from Laramie to Cheyenne [ over Sherman Hill ] on May
25, 1956. This train, pulled by turbine 68, consisted of 58 loads and 29
MT's, includes car ownerships from seemingly every RR operational in
1956...except perhaps for the Rutland. Embedded between a UP box car and a
Lehigh Valley box car is N&W hopper #3740, a 70 ton car in N&W class H3 [
rebuilt from class HU ]. Other eastern hoppers were 2 L&N hoppers [ #84187
and #81553 ] and Pennsy #176553 ].

Mike Brock

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