Re: DL&W Post WWII Steel Boxcar, a pretty easy kit-bash


Hi Bill--I am with Ken in using a different approach for the ends. IM has/had 3/4 IDE ends with and without the top mini-rib for their 12 panel 10 ft boxcars (GN and others). Some years ago Andy Carlson tapped into IM and offered these ends. Please contact me off-list if you want a set.

Before Andy offered these, I modeled a DL&W car from a series previous to the one you are doing, with ends differing only by not having the top mini-rib. I used a Branchline end. This is a 3/4 IDE end, marked on the back side with "2E". My notes say "modified Branchline end" but at this point I don't recall what the mod was, although I am sure it wasn't complicated. They were not cut apart and reassembled.

Steve Hoxie
Pensacola FL

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