R DL&W Post WWII Steel Boxcar, a pretty easy(?) kit-bash

Andy Carlson

Hi Steve-
Intermountain has made 3 improved Dreadnaught ends for 10-0 IH box cars.

1) 3/4 w/ rolling pin ribs with an in between mini rib at the very top; no poling pocket
2) "Thin R"+3/4 rolling pin ribs. This end adds a thin rectangular rib to the very top. Like the above, no poling pocket.
3) Same as 2), but does have a poling pocket.

Steve, the Branchline end you describe doesn't exist to my recollection. Branchline made only one 10-0 IH box car, their version of the single stringer underframe '37 AAR box car, and it came only with an early Dreadnaught end (with molded on detail).

You most likely removed a rib section from their 4/4 improved Dreadnaught end. Something to remember--Intermountain's box car bodies are about 0.040"-0.060" narrower than Branchline's. This makes retrofitting IMRC's 4/5 early Dreadnaught end to a Branchline '37 AAR problematic. Swapping Branchline ends to an IMRC car body you will see that the ends are too wide. Byron Rose solves this dilemma by removing the factory 'D' shaped end rivets, narrowing the width of the end by about 0.025" and replacing the rivets with a 0.005" styrene strip with embossed rivets, followed by feathering the 0.005" strip to the edge of the end. Lots of work. I used to have a can of RTV molding rubber which had a perplexing trait of noticeably shrinking. Finding this trait useful, I used this rubber for parts I wished to be slightly reduced in size. This would probably get the Branchline end into the ball park. I would like to get another can!

Maybe the work involved by simply reducing the height of a Branchline #1400 undec 40' box car kit would end up with less fuss?

None of the above addresses the shape of the top main rib as found on the DL&W box cars. The top rib is straight along the bottom edge, something Tim O'Connor has mentioned in the past as a feature which gets overlooked a lot. This is why Bill welch used the modified Accurail end--its ribs are nicely done, and already feature the straight bottom edge of the top rib.

-Andy Carlson
Ojai CA

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Hi Bill--I am with Ken in using a different approach for the ends. IM has/had 3/4 IDE ends with and without the top mini-rib for their 12 panel 10 ft boxcars (GN and others). Some years ago Andy Carlson tapped into IM and offered these ends. Please contact me off-list if you want a set.

Before Andy offered these, I modeled a DL&W car from a series previous to the one you are doing, with ends differing only by not having the top mini-rib. I used a Branchline end. This is a 3/4 IDE end, marked on the back side with "2E". My notes say "modified Branchline end" but at this point I don't recall what the mod was, although I am sure it wasn't complicated. They were not cut apart and reassembled.

Steve Hoxie
Pensacola FL

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