Re: R DL&W Post WWII Steel Boxcar, a pretty easy(?) kit-bash

Bill Welch

I guess a photo is not worth a 1,000 words and I should have noted that the DL&W 10-ft IH postwar steel cars were one of the examples—M&StL, SP/TN&O were among them—that used the IDE with the asymmetrical top major rib. AFAIK the Accurail steel reefer end is the only styrene version of this end. I mean why else would someone who is seriously challenged to make square cuts go to so much trouble, hah?!

This kind of detail is noted in the RP CYC #8 article covering the postwar cars. In looking at photos of the DL&W cars I see another detail that will require modifying the IM car body: The long tab under the door is shorter in length than the typical cars of the era and needs to be trimmed back, as does the lower door track.

One of the things that make modeling the "standard" steel cars of the era so interesting is how many details varied.

Bill Welch

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