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According to the Society tank car book: “the TN-N and TK-O classes were all but identical. The only difference visible in these photos is that the TK-O class had anti-skid strips applied on either side of the dome to provide more secure footing for workmen loading and unloading the cars.”



J. Stephen Sandifer


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One of the cars in my "TO BE UPGRADED"  pile is a Tk-O tank car from Division Point.  I purchased a photo of car number 98040 with a build date of 1963 from Bob's. The car is banded for DIESLE FUEL and the photo was taken in 1957,  What has held up my progress on this project are anti-slip strips placed around the dome.  The pattern of the strips is not clear in the photo.  I would also like to know if the strips were on the car as delivered or added later.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Bill Pardi

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There are two major things wrong with their ad. First the side running boards WERE NOT DIAMOND PLATE steel but open grid steel the same as the dome platforms. Second the Tk-O is the same as the Tk-N and not the TK-M. I have sent the corrections to San Juan Car Co. and they said samples should arrive shortly and they think everything will be OK, otherwise we will have another bad model.
Charlie Slater

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Announcement pages 1 & 2 uploaded

Delivery is 15 MONTHS or more, but reservations end in ONE MONTH

Caveat emptor


I do not see these on the American Limited web site. Do you have any additional information?

Thanks & Cheers,
Bill Keene
Irvine, CA

American Limited has announced HO scale tank car models! Built in
the late 1940's with steel grid walkways and open grid dome platforms.

Too bad they're not SP tank cars. :-(

But they are the first 16,000 gallon plastic tank car models in HO scale
and a number of railroads had cars of this size. Major kitbash fodder if
nothing else. :-)

Tim O'Connor




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