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charles slater

John you are correct, the running boards and dome platforms on both the Tk-N and Tk-O were from Blow-Knox.  The society tank car book page 84 calls that out and were

 11 3/4" wide. Also on page 89 you can see them on the lower photo.

Good to hear from you John

Charlie Slater  

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My folio sheet for the TK-N has the side running board as Blaw-Knox the same as the dome step.  My folio sheet for the TK-O did not call out either the side running board or the dome step.

I downloaded the advertising sheet for these tank cars showing the paint and lettering schemes for the cars are all dated outside the 1960 cut off date for the list.  They are painted like they would have been in service during the mid 1970s and 1980s

The commodity markings before 1960 were the gray diesel fuel (builders photo of TK-N with gray diesel fuel markings 1953 CBD) and maybe the red gasoline for these two tank car classes. 

As you well know green distillate marking was used during this pre 1960  time period but may not have been used on either of  these two tank car classes.
Just comments

John in Albuquerque

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There are two major things wrong with their ad. First the side running boards WERE NOT DIAMOND PLATE steel but open grid steel the same as the dome platforms. Second the Tk-O is the same as the Tk-N and not the TK-M. I have sent the corrections to San Juan Car Co. and they said samples should arrive shortly and they think everything will be OK, otherwise we will have another bad model.
Charlie Slater
Bakersfield, Ca. 

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