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Back in the 70s I watched the Soo Line switch a car ferry at Manitowoc WI for a short while. Hazy on the details. I was on my way to Green Bay and didn't have time to see how the ferry was un-loaded and then re-loaded. I know balance was important so several short cuts were moved instead of longer ones. George Hilton published a book a while back on Great Lakes car ferries. There were more than many people expect. Tony Wagner

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I did the trip about 18 years ago. If you live in the mid-west it should be on your "bucket list".

At Ludington, I recall that there were old freight cars and remnants of the rail yard etc. for the ferry operations.

Do they still service freight traffic? When I crossed on a week day, I believe, they had several special trailer trucks hauling bridge components too big to use the Interstates around Chicago. Something the railroads did in the steam era.


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