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Looking at the photo, it appears that there is more distortion of the track to the right of the cars shown than under the cars or to the left of the cars.  I think there has been already considerable clean up performed, including removal of what caused the problem.  I would have liked to see the situation before the start of the cleanup and what the track looks like to the right of the photo.
Stan Schweitzer

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Andy, is "some discomfort" your euphemism for claim agents nightmare?
Nobody is happy when the big hook has to roll.
Chuck Peck 

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Let's take this SS Badger discussion full circle back to this list.  Here is a photo that I uploaded to the Group Files from the Mailer-Luedke Collection showing a component of the Skinner Unaflow engines being shipped to Christy Corporation in Sturgeon Bay, Wisc on the Ahnapee & Western Railway. The trailing gondola has some steel sub-assemblies that look an awful lot like boat parts as well.  Christy was building the Badger and the Spartan at the time of this incident. The load met with some discomfort in a curve near Forestville, Wisc and ended up as shown. Badger-componentAWRwy_c1951. jpg

Andy L.
Cedar Rapids, IA

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