Tie replacement scene

Claus Schlund \(HGM\)

Hi List members,

Consider if you would this right-of-way scene... looks like some tie replacement is going on


I think I need some help in understanding what is going on. Next to the very neat and tidy RoW there are barrels and ties to be seen. In the distance is what might be a work crew, lots of them, maybe 40 or more workers.

Are the ties old ones removed from under the track? Maybe waiting to be picked up and hauled away, or alternately to be burned on site? The barrels, I would guess spikes get delivered to the worksite that way, and maybe these are now empty barrels? I see a lot of workers, but no equipment to help them in their task - no crane, no jacks, not even pry bars or other tools - why is that?

Thanks for your thoughts.

I realize there is not a steam era freight car in sight, and if the list moderators feel this is too far in left field I will abide by that decision.

Claus Schlund

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