Re: Source For HO Scale Load Strapping?

Jim Betz


I guess I have a different set of experiences/requirements.

Metal strapping is made of steel. And you pull it taught and
clamp it with a soft steel "grommet" It has very high tensile
strength and it is very "regular" (straight sides and constant
thickness). As I remember about 3/4" wide and 1/16" thick
and long pieces. And, in the era of this list, it was black.

===> I don't see any way to cut any material (copper, aluminum
foil, brass sheet, etc.) that can be done in a way that can be
stretched taught around a load (in HO scale).

The best material I've ever seen/used for strapping has been
Chart Tape ... because it doesn't sag, or stretch. Yes, Chart
Tape is too thick. Way too thick.
So choose - do you want a strap that looks wrong because it
isn't regular or do you want a strap that is regular but looks
wrong because it is too thick?

I'm sure there are ways to produce very credible load straps
using very thin brass sheet stock ... but not if the modeler is
cutting it into the strips. It would have to be manufactured
using a process that works. Then you'd have to paint it.
Then the paint would rub/scrape off and you'd have to

I guess I'm lucky - I model the early 50's and so I don't
need a lot of load straps. The first time I ever saw a
strap was in the late 50's. The first time I ever worked
with them myself (using them to tie down a pallet load
of 24 count 1lb salmon cases) was in the early 60's.
Oops - I just fell out of the time rules of this list .. so
I'll quit now.
- Jim B.

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