Re: In search of Optivisor recommendations

Schuyler Larrabee

Well, Bill, I tried them in the local CVS, and realized it was a no-go for me. I need my regular progressive-lensed glasses on so that when I drop some bit of my freight car (got to say SOMETHING about freight cars here!) on the floor, I can flip up the ‘visor and find it (I hope) and then just put the visor back down . . .

I must say that unlike most of those who have commented on this thread, I don’t live with the ‘visor on. I do most of my modeling without it, but when it’s what you need, there is no substitute.


Well...I wouldn't call my vision good. I am also near sighted in my left eye and really near sighted in my right eye since youth plus an astigmatism. I need glasses to drive. For decades my right eye was my close up modeling eye until, with age I guess, I couldn't focus anymore on detail for my steam era freight cars. The cheap reading glasses fixed that. My eye doc concurred with my solution. Your mileage my vary, of course, and it won't cost you a dime to try on a pair at the store.

Bill Darnaby

Wayne, they may work very well for those whose vision is otherwise good, just magnifying things so they can be seen. But for those of us who are nearsighted, farsighted (and Bill, who’s remarkably one of each!!), or have astigmatism, and have to wear glasses to get out of bed safely in the morning, the Optivisor or equivalent is pretty much the only solution.


I agree with William - Walmart 3x reading glasses for $5 or so. Work great.


Wayne Cohen

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