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John Barry


It could be some of the photos are part of the build up, but I strongly suspect that these are photos of the demobilization instead.  Things that clue me are the "sold" scrawled on the engine cover on the Hellcat, the line of Long Toms with names on the barrels, the shipping instructions on the anchors sending them from NSD Oakland to NSD Clearfield Utah.  

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Dennis, Folks,

Given that several other photos show hundreds of landing craft, I wondered if the “line" wasn’t being used to equip these as part of the preparation.  Remember that in 1945, this is most likely preparation for the invasion of Japan.


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It would seem that the flat cars are Marine Corps or Navy captive cars, given they are painted gray (what else?). US base railroads sucked up a lot of old equipment from many railroads for in-plant use during the war...

I'd also suggest these are not loaded for interchange, but rather the side stake rack is something for "in-plant" use only. Kind of looks like used line being taken off a ship during re-fit.

Dennis Storzek

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