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To add to the C&BT Dick was talked into the cast on ladders and grabs by two well known often published model railroaders.  Prior to the recutting of the dies the cars came with grandt line ladders and iirc Tichy grabs.  The issue with theses cars were the in-house trucks with split axle.  

As for the SFRD reefers test shots were provided to ATSF experts who "okayed" the model and then tossed Dick under the bus when they were released.  

It was the X29B that was planned.  The problem was the die cutter who had done the original dies for the boxcar passed away.  His son took over the business and his skills to be kind were wanting.  Dick never found an acceptable die cutter who would cut steel dies at an acceptable price.  So the project was in limbo and eventually Dick's health became an issue.  

Rich Orr

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  > Directly from the source C&BT announced 1988 NMRA convention
  > Rich Orr

I restarted in the hobby in the summer of 1988, and IIRC George Bishop got
the first stocks of C&BT kits in 1989. C&BT had been started in 1986 to
make East Broad Top models. The C&BT 100 through 3700 series all came out
at about the same time. The 4100 to 4700 series (with later style DN ends)
were introduced shortly before C&BT decided to go to cast on ladders and
grabs, so I only got a couple of those kits before there were no more.

In 1991 I went to the NMRA convention in Denver and saw Intermountain for
the first time - they made only O scale freight car models at that time.

In 1993 I went to the NMRA convention train show in Valley Forge and spoke
to Dick Schweiger and he was talking about one of the X29 rebuilds as the
next project and I think this was around the time he modified the box car
tooling to use cast on grabs and ladders. I think IMWX was new then, or they
appeared very shortly after that. I also met a young Ken Patterson at that
show, tending to his spectacular modular layout display.

IMWX was only around for a couple of years - Intermountain's blast in their
direction in the form of the PFE R-40-23 was rushed into production to torpedo
the IMWX R-40-23. That was the end for IMWX. Intermountain's next successful
U-boat attack was to go after C&BT with the Santa Fe reefers. Severely damaged
and taking on water, C&BT limped into drydock. You may be able to pin down the
introduction of the IMWX kit by going back a year or two from the IRC R-40-23.

In the MEANTIME, after IMWX but before Intermountain's version of the 1937
AAR box car, Red Caboose acquired the IMWX tooling. A year or two afer that
the Front Range 40 foot box cars tooling also went to Red Caboose. I think
they were first released by Red Caboose in either 1996 or 1997.

I think 1996 or 1997 is also when Intermountain released their first 10'6" AAR
box car, the "modified 1937" car.

Finally IIRC the first IRC 1937 kits came after 2000, but AFTER IRC had done the
postwar 10 foot inside height box cars for the GN and SP&S (about 1998?). The body
was the same for both cars, as only the ends, roofs and underframes were different.

Tim O'Connor

Can someone here recall please the precise years that the following styrene kits were introduced to the market for sale:

The C&BT 40-foot steel car with a range of doors, roof, and ends to model the AAR boxcars built beginning in 1944.

The Innovative Model Works kit to model the Standard 1937 AAR 40-foot steel boxcar.

The InterMountain Modified 1937 AAR kit.

I will use this information in the 2018 clinic I am planning. Thank you.

Bill Welch

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