IMWX, and InterMountain 1937 Modified Kits

Andy Carlson

Often I am reminded of my late, dear friend, Terry Wegmann. As has been told before, Intermountain rushed their PFE R-40-23 steel ice bunker reefer to market to beat out Jerry Porter's IMWX R-40-23. since Jerry was a former co-founder of Intermountain, I believe there was bad blood involved in IMRC's decision. As time has shown, the IMRC R-40-23 Reefer has become the 2nd best all-time seller in the IMRC line (beaten only by the in-the-future fantasy cylindrical Canadian covered hopper).

Jerry was slow in tooling his R-40-23. He enlisted the help of Terry to tool the improved Dreadnaught end, in which Terry did an incredible job using old school large, hand made pattern making and reduction cutting using a 3-D pantograph. With the trend of almost everything being CNC tooled, it is hard to beat Terry's style of tool making. Another example of choice 3-D pantographing parts, i offer the 1980s tooled Athearn plastic EMD HO Blomberg side frame, which many consider the best version up to the present. The master pattern for it was made in a 4:1 oversize acrylic piece.

Terry's end would not be used, as Jerry Porter gave up after the IMRC release. Terry's end survives, though, asTerry did this same end for an 'S' scale plastic R-40-23 reefer, which really showcases the fine proportions of Terry's end. Terry did fill the tooled cavity with epoxy to get a casting. I was lent that casting to make a RTV mold. From that, I made a 4/4 IDE piece which I have not yet poured a mold.

I have shared this story of the IMWX Reefer several years ago. Just being a little nostalgic.......
-Andy Carlson
Ojai CA

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