Re: Rock Island 50' Auto Box underframe.

Ed Hawkins

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Do you know or can you find out the builder?  There are resources but all the facts you can provide about who built it and when would go far to helping you out.




Hello group,

Jason Kliewer wrote:

Would anyone here know of a resource that would show the underframe for a Rock Island 50' outside braced auto box car like the one at IRM #264070?

I should have taken pictures when I was there but we only had about an hour by the time we got there.

I don’t know the answer to your question, but I offer the following that may help. RI 264000-264149 single-sheathed, 50’-6” auto cars were built ca. 4-30 by the Standard Steel Car Co. and later modified by the railroad in 1946 to increase the inside height from 10’ to 10’-6”.

Suggest contacting Ted Anderson (tedander@...) at the Pullman Library part of the Illinois Railway Museum, as they have some SSC drawings from the 1930 time period.
Ed Hawkins

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