Re: URTX and MILW, M&StL, SOO, C GW leased reefers: A Pool Arrangement?

Douglas Harding

The MSTL served a number of canneries, ie Marshall Canning of Western Grocer. Most were sweet corn canners, but pumpkin, peas, green beans, and like were also canned. A short season for processing, ie late July through Sept, but a skeleton staff kept on hand year round to label and ship cans as orders came in. Yes canned corn was kept on site in a warehouse ready to ship as needed. The cans of corn were stored unlabeled, when an order arrived usually the labels also arrived from the buyer. Cans were then unboxed, labeled, reboxed in new boxes and shipped. Reefers would have been used during winter months. The MSTL purchased 50’ insulated boxcars in the late 50’s for this traffic. But prior to that purchase, reefers could/would be used.


Doug  Harding


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