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Absolutely. When C&BT introduced the 12-panel side cars, they offered them with 6, 7, and 8-foot doors, straight-panel roofs and 4/4 ends. I've never found prototypes for the 7 and 8-foot door cars, though I'm sure someone here will soon offer up some.

C&BT also offered their double-door car with a straight-panel roof and R-3/4 ends, a rare if not unprotypical combination.

There were other combinations of features that at best had one-off prototypes such as 6' door/straight-panel roof/R-3/4 end (NP only IIRC, unless you shave off the rivets).

I think C&BT got carried away with all the possibilities, or thought various combinations of features would still sell to "the vested interests" and others who didn't care about prototype accuracy.

Although I still have a few C&BT cars that were built stock, most were upgraded with Intermountain or other higher-quality parts, nearly all were repainted and decaled, and the trucks went into the garbage. The others will be reworked someday (maybe).

Beyond the poor detail parts, C&BT may have saturated their market niche. Higher-tier kits from IMWX, Intermountain and Branchline pretty much sealed C&BT's fate among serious modelers. I still grab them up when I find any for sale at train shows since the bodies are fodder for many projects I will probably never get to (longbows and O-scale British narrow gauge currently eating up much of my hobby time).

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. . . It seems like I remember that they may have been so willing (or zealous) to combine the various components that they actually molded a car that prototypically was never built. I think it may have been John Nehrich who concluded this in one of his RPI publications.

Bill Welch

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