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I messed up - I have always agreed N-G does not apply to home road cars. I thought there was some debate about how far individual trains could diverge from it. My bad.

But the ATSF string being so close to the Yermo transportation storage depot does raise an interesting question about how the RR's would satisfy sudden demands for large quantities of MT's to move cargo to the ports as Convoys were loaded. Would a RR stockpile foreign road MT's for such calls, or would they effectively create a captive service fleet of home road cars? Interesting WWII consist question.

There really isn't any way to know if that string is MT or loaded... Based on John Barry's description of the traffic flowing through Barstow, I find it hard to believe they would have dedicated one of their main yard tracks to storing MT's for local distribution.

Dave Evans

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The N-G model does not apply to home road cars, or to individual trains.  No-one associated with it has ever claimed it did.



Bruce Smith

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I found another photo on Shorpy I was not aware of:

Barstow, CA, 1943, ATSF yard.

Notice the string of ATSF XM's to the left of the hoppers - every box car is ATSF. In addition to that specific string, there is a real shortage of foreign road cars in this picture. Did Barstow have an MT yard?

I think we have all reached general agreement that the N-G distribution model for box cars is well supported by the data, at least for WWII.

I previously postulated that while the N-G model is good for the car distribution averages on trunk lines, I think this photo helps support the concept that it may not be accurate for individual trains with significant MT consists.

Even though this is a yard, I find it hard to believe that a yard crew would split up that string of ATSF box cars just to intersperse other RR box cars in it when it left (and it may have arrived as a consist.) I also suspect that the string must have been MTs - hard to believe a consist of loads would be 100% ATSF box cars. Loads no, MTs yes.

Taking Cover,
Dave Evans 

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