Re: C&BT reefers (was: C&BT, IMWX, and InterMountain 1937 Modified Kits



I used the term in reference to the fact that those individual(s) had the opportunity to tell Dick that there were issues with the cars but did not.  In fact, told him they were good to go and then that same individual(s) harshly criticized the models they said were accurate and good to go into production.  I don't know how else such behavior can be described.  I am not speaking of are not those who did the how to fix it articles.

Rich Orr

Ben Hom wrote:

"Tossed Dick under the bus" seems a bit strong as the models had these deficiencies plus the poor detail parts, both of which were covered at the time in magazine reviews by Tony Thompson and Andy Sperandeo.  Andy's review was comprehensive and provided instruction on how to correct the worst problems.  We complain on this list about softball reviews in the magazines, so if honestly describing how to fix shortcomings is tossing a manufacturer under the bus, it might be time to question why you're on this list.

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