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Bruce Smith


Yes. Repeatedly. In the archives.  But to make it simple, here it is, again:

Boxcars from any given railroad appear on any other railroad at the same frequency as they occur in the national pool.

That's it. Really pretty simple. Note that it does not govern the frequency of home road cars, or the frequency of cars in individual trains, but the overall frequency of foreign road box cars.  Several caveats deal with cars in assigned or pool service, branch lines in the middle of nowhere, yada, yada, yada... but the essence is very pure and simple.



Bruce Smith

Auburn, AL

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I wasn’t very interested in the Gilbert-Nelson Distribution Model when it was being developed.  I didn’t have a layout then (still don’t, but maybe . . .) so I satisfied my Freight Car building urges by building kits that struck my eyes as being interesting.  Since those times I’ve settled (more or less) on modeling the ERIE in the 1950-52 time frame, and thus the G-N Model has become of more interest to me.


But is the G-N Model neatly summarized anywhere?


And where might I find that?




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