Re: The G-N Distribution Model

Tim O'Connor


A summary??? LOL !!

I have over 1,500 saved emails I could send to you ... :-)

Or just the 578 emails from Tim Gilbert, and about a hundred from Dave Nelson?

My summary for your time frame: box car and flat car and mill gondolas distribution
is proportional to the fleet size of every railroad, i.e. the model is that those cars
roamed freely and randomly. Then you add the spice of traffic for your railroad: reefers,
stock cars, coal cars, coal and stone gondolas, tank cars. Home road cars of the latter
variety (livestock, coal, stone) tended to stay near home.

The email archive includes hundreds of special cases, exceptions, and variations in
time and space - and scores of known consists from the 40's and 50's.


I wasn�t very interested in the Gilbert-Nelson Distribution Model when it was being developed.  I didn�t have a layout then (still don�t, but maybe . . .) so I satisfied my Freight Car building urges by building kits that struck my eyes as being interesting.  Since those times I�ve settled (more or less) on modeling the ERIE in the 1950-52 time frame, and thus the G-N Model has become of more interest to me.
But is the G-N Model neatly summarized anywhere?
And where might I find that?

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