Re: F&C's Pennsylvania F28 Well Hole Flat Car kit #8450 question

Bruce Smith


Having looked at the kit, this will be one of the easiest resin cars to build because it has something like 10 parts, but I’m SURE you’ll find room to improve the details.

That said, the F28 class consisted of just 2 cars so no, not even close to the most common.  Other cars with larger rosters included the FN (10), FNa (27), F25 (17?), F25a (6), F33 (10), and F37 (20).  

BTW, the PRRPro group is taking on the F28/F29/F33 as our first project for 2018, so that project will start january 1, 2018, if you’d like to join in.



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Curious if anyone here has built or can comment on Pennsylvania F28 Well Hole Flat Car kit #8450 issued by Funaro & Camerlengo? Was the F28 their most numerous well hole type?

Bill Welch

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