nitpicking PRR x26 boxcar Youngstown doors in HO Scale

Andy Carlson

I simply searched for "PRR X26 Box Car" and the first good prototype view was of PRR #564287, a B&W vintage view (The sheathing was in good condition).

That car had the pre-war Youngstown 5/5/5-s door with Ben Hom's vertical down the middle seam very much in evidence. I can forward the picture to anyone who wants it. To me, it looks just like the Bowser single 6' door from the X31.
-Andy Carlson
Ojai CA

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I hate to be contrarian, and Ben has corrected me before, but the X26 photos I have available show most commonly the 5/4/5 door as on the USRA car in Bryian's photo.

38333, 45466, 46096, 46511, 540176, 564311, 565081 all have 5/4/5 doors without evidence of welded halves.

I also have 45927 with a 7 panel Superior door, and 45939 with a 3 panel door like the X29 with well defined welded halves.

I don't have any X26 photos with any other type of Youngstown door, although I do not doubt anyone's reporting of such doors.

Steve Hoxie
Pensacola FL

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