Re: nitpicking PRR x26 boxcar Youngstown doors in HO Scale

Benjamin Hom

Steve Hoxie wrote:
"I hate to be contrarian, and Ben has corrected me before, but the X26 photos I have available show most commonly the 5/4/5 door as on the USRA car in Bryian's photo.

38333, 45466, 46096, 46511, 540176, 564311, 565081 all have 5/4/5 doors without evidence of welded halves.

I also have 45927 with a 7 panel Superior door, and 45939 with a 3 panel door like the X29 with well defined welded halves.

I don't have any X26 photos with any other type of Youngstown door, although I do not doubt anyone's reporting of such doors."

I don't doubt that Class X26 cars received new Youngstown or Superior doors as the number of X26 exceeded the total number of source doors from the Class X28A conversion program.  Let's go inside the numbers:

- 5000 Class X28 were built; of these, 1000 had Youngstown doors, the rest 3-panel steel doors.
- So assuming all cars were rebuilt (they weren't due to wreck losses, but all survivors were rebuilt), enough replacement auxiliary doors would be salvaged to equip a total of 2500 Class X26 boxcars, including enough Youngstown doors for 500 cars.
- PRR acquired a total of 9900 Class X26 boxcars.  Even accounting for the fact that not all cars were upgraded, the demand for additional doors for the upgraded cars would outstrip the supply of salvaged doors from the Class X28 automobile cars, so some cars would have received new doors from other sources.

Ben Hom

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