1948 E. Portland Freight & Passenger Train Photos

Jim Lancaster

Last month Bob Chaparro posted this link
to a photo showing an SP freight train passing the Safeway Produce Warehouse in East Portland, Oregon in 1952. 

I have three additional photos of this same area taken in October 1948. Two of the 1948 photos were taken from the same location as the 1952 photo and look in the same direction. The third photo was taken from the opposite side of the Burnside Bridge and looks in the opposite direction into an SP-UP yard and toward multiple warehouses and other industrial buildings.

The photos are on this web page:
I have also mapped the photos to 1950 Sanborn maps.

I welcome any additions or corrections to the information on the web page. I am particularly interested in identifying the photographer and there's a note about that on the web page.

Jim Lancaster

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