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Bruce Smith


I think it is more about year than anything else.  So for 1944-46, I think that abused heavily weathered cars are pretty common.  Delano's photos were taken earlier in the war and reflect a less hard worked fleet that still shows the results of pre-war, depression era, maintenance... and by that I mean that many railroads kept the shop folks busy painting and repairing idle cars, in part financed by the government so immediately pre-war the freight car fleet was probably in better than average condition with respect to paint and weathering.


Bruce Smith

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I agree, and perhaps a obvious observation to this group - but when you look at some of Delano's Proviso yard photos there are at least some freshly painted cars, or at least they appear to be recently painted (or perhaps washed by a heavy rain?) I have been wondering just how many (or few) cars to leave un-weathered, or lightly weathered for a WWII layout. Delano's photos had convinced me that at least 5, and maybe 10 percent should have minimal weathering.

But in this collection - I am not sure I have spotted a single clean car, and a bunch where the reporting marks are pretty hard to make out - even when they are big enough to be legible. I have wondered how much of the "Weathering" was actually just soot from the last few days run, easily washed off in a strong rain... Soft coal ash is often sticky (constituents not fully burned), so the airflow may not knock it off the sides.

I think in some of Delano's Proviso yard pictures there was evidence of snow on the roofs of some cars (recent arrivals from? - likely moving through a damp or wet environment) and I do not recall so many reporting marks being so hard to read - so I am wondering if recent, but temporary, soot accumulation was a significant component of WWII "weathering."

Dave Evans

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