Re: SFRD 17558 Rr-25

Jack Mullen


Great find. That's just a wonderful series of photos at State Line Tower, with a lot of trains, really giving a feel for the busyness of this area..  I'd forgotton that the late Bill Raia had albums up in Flickr.  . 

My gut feel was this set was sometime in the early '60s. Trying to verify that without a lot of research, the only thing I can offer is that NYC DD boxcar just ahead of the reefer.  The cigar band logo dates from 1959, but the line omitted from the reporting marks dates it later than Sept 18, 1961, per Terry Link's CASO website.

Anyhow, I'm darn sure that Flickr's stupid "Taken on January 16, 2012" is very, very wrong.

Jack Mullen

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