Re: Shorpy pic Omaha railyard 1938

Benjamin Hom

Eric Hansmann wrote:
"I would agree with Marty on the use of lever-type hand brakes. 
There are a couple elements about the image that make it difficult to see staff-mounted handbrake wheels sticking above the car ends. One is visible in the foreground on a Rock Island car. As you scan deeper into the image, the photo angle and the distance work against us to see these details. After zooming in a bit, I’m unable to determine if I see a brake wheel or part of a latitudinal running board on the dreadnaught end car in the near center of the image, just before the steam loco tender. The car just beyond looks like it might have a lever-type hand brake and the details are a bit fuzzier."

A note about photos on Shorpy - keep in mind that it's a blog that links photos from other collections, in this case, the Library of Congress' Farm Security Administration/Office of War Information.  Going to the source collection yields much more than what's posted to the blog.  The LoC has digitized this collection, including high-resolution TIFFs, which are available on their website.

Here's a link to the image at the LoC website where you can download the TIFF:

As Greg Martin says, "Feed your head" - don't wait for someone to spoon-feed information to you.

Ben Hom

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